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Hot Ladyboy Poi from Ladyboy Player »

Poi from obsessions bar in Pattaya

This is ladyboy Poi

This is the beautiful ladyboy Poi I talked about a few posts ago. Very attractive, very nice and your going to love the load she shoots from her nice cock…which had NO PROBLEMS getting hard as a fucking rock.

The have her update listed to appear on March 26th at Ladyboy Player so get your cock ready your probably going to beat it half to death when you get a chance to check her out.


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I just got a Twitter account a few days ago. Giving it a test run to see if I can keep up with it or not. If I get some people interested I’ll for sure keep up with it, so go on over to twitter and follow Ladyboy Lover

WARNING: Be weary of Pook bar on Soi Bukaou »

Just wanted to put the word out. For my own safety I can’t drop any names or photos but I had an issue with a ladyboy from Pook on Soi Bukaou…here is the scoop:

I went out for a general night on the town…alone and hunting for some fresh ladyboy meat. Driving my usual route I ended up going past Pook and seen a hottie I was interested in. To make a long story short I parked, went inside payed her barfine and left with her.

A habit of mine is checking IDs before I do any sexual act with anybody whos age MIGHT be questionable. There is no shame in saying I like them 18 – 25 considering I’m only 25 myself. Anyways…I check the ladyboys ID card and to my surprise she was only 16!  We left my condo and I got her back to Pook as quickly as possible.

Upon arriving at Pook I went to the mamasan for a refund. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try, right? I went back and forth with her for a little bit and her voice started escalating. In true foreigner fashion my voice quickly went up to match hers and the situation started having the potential for disaster.  I turned my focus away from the mamasan and looked around at what had become a whole bars worth of ladyboys surrounding us to see whats going on. If there is one thing I have learned here it is DO NOT MAKE A THAI LOSE FACE unless you want your ass beat by a large group of them or worse.  After noticing the situation was getting out of control I quickly retracted my demand for a refund and got the hell out of there. Needless to say, the mamasans  “reason” for not refunding my money is because the 15 minutes I was gone with the ladboy is 15 minutes she could have been in the bar looking for another customer…completely overlooking the fact they have a minor…or many working there.

Anyways…it might not hurt to check before you leave the bar…unless you want to lose your barfine money,  stress yourself out trying to get a refund or possibly end up in the monkey house because you didn’t know that ladyboy is the younger sister of a friend of the security guard at your hotel or apartment.

I recommend Ladyboy Poi from Obsessions bar Pattaya »

I went out tonight and got Poi from Obsessions bar in Pattaya. I went inside, looked around, talked with a handful of ladyboys i’ve messed with in the past and then I seen her. Very pretty under the lights of the club and still attractive once you get her back to the room. In the club I had her in the corner showing me her cock. There is some new blood in there so if your in the area you might want to check that place out…my luck is usually really good there.

I’ll go ahead and note I didn’t have ANY alcohol, only water, so my judgment tonight is unaltered. Poi had a nice big cock, a nice load of hot cum and I can’t escape without telling you she gave a GREAT blowjob. If your around Obsessions check her out.  She’ll be on the tour of LadyboyPlayer in the next couple weeks so you can check her photos out there. Wait a couple weeks after that and you can watch me blow my load on her newly implanted tits.