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Superhot Ladyboy Tutka »

Beautiful ladyboy Tutka

Ladyboy Tutka sucking my cock...again!

This isn’t my first run in with ladyboy Tutka as you can see from this post. However, there is one minor diffrence in the two different times I was with her. Now she has tits! The first time I messed around with Tutka she was a hot femboy, now she is a stunning ‘official’ ladyboy. LadyboyPlayer has already posted this set of her so you can join the site now to see more of this beauty.As I mentioned in the last post, she is a blast! If you happen to mozy into Obsessions in Pattaya I recommend you take her for a spin. 😉


Ladyboys trying out for the Miss Tiffany’s Universe pagent »

ladyboy pagent

Pick me! Pick me!

On my way to Central Festival mall in Pattaya the other day I had no idea I was going to hit the ladyboy motherload. As I walked through the mall I started noticing more and more STUNNING ladyboys and thought to myself, ‘wow, this is unusual.’ I get to the other end of the mall (by Starbucks) and see an entire crowd of some of the most beautiful ladyboys I’ve ever seen. Of course, I later come to find out they are trying out for the Miss Tiffany’s Universe pagent coming up on May 4th. Anyways…just figured I would post the group pic here so you could check out some of these hot ladyboys.

Another set of Ladyboy Poi »

ladyboy in black

Poi strikes again!

Ladyboy Poi seems to have been a hit. This is the second set they are running with her on LadyboyPlayer. The previous set you didn’t get to see her cum but on this one you do…and your going to love it! For this set I dressed her up in black to give her the ‘hardass’ look and wow…does she look killer playing that part. Get over to ladyboyplayer and get ready for her set…trust me, its HOT! Make sure you set some time aside to view this one…lol.