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From time to time I like to go out and grab some random photos and videos of the local environment. I was out the other day and noticed this hot ladyboy selling her ass on the beach. I watched her for a while trying to pick up random passers-by until finally she found herself a customer. I think what I like the most about watching Pattaya hookers try to pick up customers is knowing, that within a few minutes, they are going to be naked in a short time room somewhere letting some horny sex tourist do whatever they want to their willing bodies.

Pattaya ladyboy

Thai ladyboy hooker looking for customers

I know from personal experience how hot it can be. Sometimes its boring and I will hurry to try and cum so I can leave as fast as possible. Other times the ladyboys are a blast and we have a lot of fun do whatever we want, for as long as we want and until we both finish in an ecstasy inducing orgasm. I figured the people who don’t get come here often…or ever, might like to see the real life side of what goes on with ladyboys from time to time. Click the pic for full size image. Enjoy!