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Ladyboy Hooker In Filthy Sex Hotel Bathroom »

Sex hotel toilet
Dumpy Sex Hotel Toilet For Ladyboy Fucking

When guys think about fucking ladyboy prostitutes or getting a blowjob from a ladyboy they usually think of the glamorous places or normal hotel rooms you usually see on all the ladyboy porn websites (with the exception of this one where they keep it real). Well…that’s not always the case. For the guys who come to Thailand and want to get a ladyboy for some quick fun instead of walking around with them or committing to only one, they usually use ‘short-time’ rooms so they can romp around for an hour or so and then get on with their holiday. A short time room is literally a ‘by hour’ motel where you take the ladyboy you just bought for an hour to indulge in some sexual escapades.  As you can see from the photo above, they can be pretty dumpy. There are also boutique short time rooms that have interesting themes like a boxing ring for example or a safari room or pretty much anything else you can think of…however, this bathroom is not from one of them. The room cost 200 Thai baht per hour which is about $6.73 as of this posting.

Ladyboy Prostitute
Ladyboy Prostitute In Sex Hotel Bathroom

The ladyboy I went here with (in the picture above) only cost 500 Thai baht for the hour with brings my total for hour to 700THB which is about $23 and some change. If I wanted to drive to a better short time room I would have only paid an extra 150THB and had it fro 3 hours…but I wasn’t interested in spending 3 hours with the one I got, I just wanted to cum and watch her cum so I grabbed the nearest room I could find which brings me back to this photo. No seat, no tank cover…just pure good ol’ fashioned sleeze!


Ladyboy Cock Is Hard Under Skirt »

When I took this ladyboy to a short time room in Pattaya her cock was already bulging hard. I was blown away and asked her why she was hard already, she said she was so horny and had not cum yet today. I had to take out my camera and get a photo of this because it was so hot.

Ladyboy Cock In Skirt
Ladyboy cock Behind A Skirt…What Dreams Are Made Of!

Needless to say she ended up blowing the load from her throbbing cock that was anxiously waiting behind her short red skirt. I wish I had my video camera instead of a photo camera so I could show how it was twitching because it was so hard.