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Ladyboy Amy Amour Dildo Fucks Herself »

When it comes to ladyboys, Amy Amour is one of the most famous ones on the planet. The reason for this is because she is so beautiful but don’t let her beauty fool you. In addition to being a stunning specimen of an Asian shemale she is also a dildo slut. When she gets the chance she loves shoving big dildos deep into her tight asshole. Watch the video here.

If she is shoving in big dildos, I’m willing to bet she also loves shoving big cocks in there too. I guess that’s why she just put up a new bareback scene on her personal blog.

Ladyboy Amy

If you haven’t clicked the image above, it’s a good idea you do it if you want to watch a clip of her fucking her ass with that HUGE black dildo. Imagine what she was thinking about when she was shoving in.