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I just got a Twitter account a few days ago. Giving it a test run to see if I can keep up with it or not. If I get some people interested I’ll for sure keep up with it, so go on over to twitter and follow Ladyboy Lover

WARNING: Be weary of Pook bar on Soi Bukaou »

Just wanted to put the word out. For my own safety I can’t drop any names or photos but I had an issue with a ladyboy from Pook on Soi Bukaou…here is the scoop:

I went out for a general night on the town…alone and hunting for some fresh ladyboy meat. Driving my usual route I ended up going past Pook and seen a hottie I was interested in. To make a long story short I parked, went inside payed her barfine and left with her.

A habit of mine is checking IDs before I do any sexual act with anybody whos age MIGHT be questionable. There is no shame in saying I like them 18 – 25 considering I’m only 25 myself. Anyways…I check the ladyboys ID card and to my surprise she was only 16!  We left my condo and I got her back to Pook as quickly as possible.

Upon arriving at Pook I went to the mamasan for a refund. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try, right? I went back and forth with her for a little bit and her voice started escalating. In true foreigner fashion my voice quickly went up to match hers and the situation started having the potential for disaster.  I turned my focus away from the mamasan and looked around at what had become a whole bars worth of ladyboys surrounding us to see whats going on. If there is one thing I have learned here it is DO NOT MAKE A THAI LOSE FACE unless you want your ass beat by a large group of them or worse.  After noticing the situation was getting out of control I quickly retracted my demand for a refund and got the hell out of there. Needless to say, the mamasans  “reason” for not refunding my money is because the 15 minutes I was gone with the ladboy is 15 minutes she could have been in the bar looking for another customer…completely overlooking the fact they have a minor…or many working there.

Anyways…it might not hurt to check before you leave the bar…unless you want to lose your barfine money,  stress yourself out trying to get a refund or possibly end up in the monkey house because you didn’t know that ladyboy is the younger sister of a friend of the security guard at your hotel or apartment.