I recommend Ladyboy Poi from Obsessions bar Pattaya

I went out tonight and got Poi from Obsessions bar in Pattaya. I went inside, looked around, talked with a handful of ladyboys i’ve messed with in the past and then I seen her. Very pretty under the lights of the club and still attractive once you get her back to the room. In the club I had her in the corner showing me her cock. There is some new blood in there so if your in the area you might want to check that place out…my luck is usually really good there.

I’ll go ahead and note I didn’t have ANY alcohol, only water, so my judgment tonight is unaltered. Poi had a nice big cock, a nice load of hot cum and I can’t escape without telling you she gave a GREAT blowjob. If your around Obsessions check her out.  She’ll be on the tour of LadyboyPlayer in the next couple weeks so you can check her photos out there. Wait a couple weeks after that and you can watch me blow my load on her newly implanted tits.

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